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100 Stories Under 50 Words Vol. 1 Zine


Well, we did it. We wrote one hundred stories, each one of them under fifty words. You didn't think we could do it, did you? Oh, you beautiful, tragic fool. It's amazing, don't you think, one hundred stories under fifty words? And you're right to think so, it IS amazing.

We collected collections of stories under fifty words by writers and non-writers alike. We paired those collections with original illustrations by illustrators and non-illustrators alike. We assembled all of these parts into a beautiful zine, and we will be selling them to benefit the Appalachian Prison Book Project (APBP).

Included in this zine:
Kevin Chesser
Hannah Whisman
Travis Dutchman
Daniel Christopher Cain
Rajia Hassib
Nellie Rose
Mila Jaroniec
Ashley Hoffman
Mesha Maren
Seth Pitt
Thomas Martin
Eli Pollard
Catherine Moore
Dylan Balliett
Ashleigh Bryant Phillips
Austin Blake Mays
Anthony Swofford
Liz Pavlovic
Avery Williamson
Best Virginia